An enriching weekend in Taos

SMU-in-Taos brings faculty to Northern New Mexico to teach academic courses for credit and the Taos Cultural Institute offers enrichment programs for alumni, friends and the Taos community.

SMU-in-Taos provides opportunities for adventurous study and research in a unique setting in Northern New Mexico. The property includes pre-Civil War Fort Burgwin and remains of a 13th-century Native American pueblo. SMU began acquiring the property in l964 and reconstructed the fort to serve as an archaeology research center. The University added facilities to accommodate students and began offering summer classes in 1973.

Each July, the Taos Cultural Institute offers a summer weekend of in-depth, hands-on exploration of topics, taught by SMU faculty members and guest teachers, which reflect the unique cultural richness, scientific contributions and recreational opportunities of Northern New Mexico.

This year’s course offerings showcase the range of faculty expertise taught in Taos.