A memory submitted by Tom Wheeler, Class of 1966

I am embarrassed to admit that I cannot remember the names of all my former professors whose teaching and presence were important to me as a student and even more so in the years since. I was at SMU from Sep 1962 through May 1966, graduating with a B.S. in biology. I do indeed want to salute the memory of those who made a great impression on me (and had a more profound impact on my life than I would have realized at the time).

Here are the ones I remember . . .

Lorraine Fowler, English

William Stallcup, biology

Elmer Cheatum, biology

_______ Harris, biology (I think he was also dean of Humanities & Sciences)

_____________, biology (taught physiology; did research in endocrinology)

Thomas Kenner, chemistry

Harold Jeskey, chemistry

William (?) Banowicz, chemistry

________ Clark (?), physics

________ Strange, psychology

________ Nance, comparative literature Other favorites . . .

1) ___________ (male) taught History of Ideas during 1965-1966 academic year; was voted Favorite Teacher around that time

2) ___________ (male) taught German (I had him in 1963)

3) ___________ (female) taught personality psychology in 1964-1965

I hate that I can’t readily recall their names, nor do I have any notebooks from those years that I could thumb through. But they were all outstanding teachers and great encouragers. I have been a teacher myself since graduating from SMU; memories of their ways of delivering and engaging have set the standards for me.