A memory submitted by Tom Hardee

My favorite professor was Frank Young, a really special person. am forwarding an email I recently sent to him which explains my true feelings. Please feel free to edit as you see fit.


Dear Frank,

It’s hard to believe my former SMU insurance professor will be 92; it’s also difficult to realize that your former student will be 77 this year. And, of course, we are saddened to learn about your current health situation. Do keep us posted for what we hope is a speedy recovery.

You have been special to me ever since I signed up for your classes in the fall of ’57 and to Barbara as well, beginning in 1962. We were so honored when you and Jocq visited us in Meridian shortly before our September ’62 wedding. You said you wanted to meet my bride-to-be and determine if she deserved your stamp of approval. She did and we’ll be married 52 years this September. Sadly, she’s in poor health and pretty much home-bound.

Former British PM Winston Churchill, talking about the RAF, said that never in history have so many owed so much to so few. We former students could paraphrase him and substitute you for the RAF to receive the same deserved praise. We also appreciate your special service to our country in WWII (combat in both the ETO and PTO.)

Over the years, it was always a comfort to me to know that, if my current job situation(s) became untenable, I was confident I could travel to Dallas and you would find a place for me somewhere in Dallas insurance circles.

A simple “thank you” is far too inadequate but it’s all I can come up with now.