A memory submitted by Lewis C. Odneal, Class of 1956

I am a very minor graduate of Perkins but I feel we had some of the best teachers during those years (1953 — 1956). I liked all of my Professors but my two favorites were: Albert Outler and William Irwin.

Dr. Outler was my Theology Professor. He was very famous and that meant a lot to us. He was the best with his lectures. He made them so clear and interesting that each of us felt we were already theologians by just listening to him. His tests were the easiest of all my professors because he always asked questions to see what we knew and believed, not what we did not know or understand. It was fascinating to listen to him talk, with his southern way of speaking and his long sentences that one never knew when they would end. He treated each of us as adults who were important to him. He was simply a wonderful person to know. None of our questions were too simple or unimportant to him. I still have some of his books and I treasure each one of them.

William Irwin was my Old Testament Professor. He was another unique person with his wonderful way of speaking and using his hands to emphasize his points. I have always loved the Old Testament but he made it come alive in a way that made one feel he was right there living in it. He was quite famous in his field also having worked in the Wisdom Literature when forming the New Revised Edition of the Old Testament.

My experience at Perkins in my Graduate work was a new, wonderful world for me. I will never forget it and will always highly appreciate the new life Perkins gave me in my ministry.