A memory submitted by L W Murphey

There were several professors who were my favorites. One of them was Dr. Jeskey, professor of chemistry; he has a great sense of humor and also the ability to teach chemistry to more than 100 of us at a time. Another favorite was Mrs. Doris Johnson, professor of freshman English; she taught us grammar so thoroughly that it has been hard to forget appropriate sentence structure as well as understanding the value of a well-grounded college education – i.e. not just studying in our major field but also in pursuing what was then called a “liberal education.” Another favorite professor was Dr. Edwin Mouzon, professor of mathematics; he was a giant in that field of study because he had not only a Ph.D. degree in math but was also an actual Actuary. Dr. Mouzon was the chairman of the math department and wrote text books as well as being an active faculty member for many years.