A memory submitted by Kathleen (Kelly) Swanston Woudenberg, Class of 1980

I grew up in Fargo, North Dakota and started as a freshman the fall of 1976. I had a history class my first week. The first session was in an auditorium and the teacher was Hal Williams. I thought he was brilliant. The Wednesday session was a small group for the same class and I was thrilled and intimidated that my instructor for small group was not a graduate assistant but Professor Williams. I can’t even remember what the topic was but he singled me out for a question and i spoke right up… after class he asked me to come to his office… he told me he was impressed with my thinking and he asked if I would like him to be my advisor. He academically guided and supported me for 4 years. He always challenged me but let me know he thought I was a smart person. I really think he changed the way I think, and encouraged me to be a brave thinker.