A memory submitted by John Winn, Class of 1954

I graduated from Perkins School of Theology at SMU in 1954. These years, 1951-1954, were significant years at Perkins, not only because of the integration of the student body, but also because of the influx of so many outstanding new faculty members and a radical shift in curriculum. One of the new faculty members was Joe Matthews. Until Joe Matthews arrived, along with Ed Hobbs, I had the feeling that I had been challenged more academically at my undergraduate college, Tulane, in New Orleans. Joe Matthews, though, turned on all the lights for me. Neither before, nor since have I encountered a more dynamic, exciting, and intellectually honest teacher than Joe. Indeed, he, in Christian Ethics and Ed Hobbs, in New Testament seemed to ignite the entire faculty. I remember how their presence opened the eyes of many students, including my own, to the outstanding scholarship of long-time faculty member, Fred Gealy. Both face-to-face and class discussions with those three genuine human beings made my years at Perkins some of the most exciting of my life.