A memory submitted by Fred Skaggs, Class of 1960

Dr. Curry, an accounting professor from whom I took many hours of accounting. He was the best and made a profound impact upon my education. The thing that has stayed with me and influenced my life all these years is what he did and said after each test he gave. He would pass out the graded papers and then he would go to the black board and write all of the grades in descending order from the highest to the lowest grade. He would then draw a line through the middle grade and place his hand upon the top half and say, “if your grade is one of these you are in the top half of the class”. Then he would place his hand on the bottom half of the grades and say “if your grade is one of these, then you helped make the top half possible.” When you think about it, this applies to life itself and it was a valuable lesson learned. God bless you Dr. Curry.