A memory submitted by Frank (Francis) Murray, Class of 1952

When I received my journalism degree in 1952, we did not have the sophisticated technology–but we had the typewriter–that the students have today, but with the expertise of Prof. Callahan and the other journalism teachers, we were able to fine-tune our writing and editing skills and go on to successful careers. I have just signed a contact for my 55th book, with a working title of Body, Mind and the Eight B Vitamins. Yes, I am almost 90. There were so many of us veterans from World War II in school that many of our classrooms were barracks scattered around the campus. Even so, they were exciting times. As Amusements Editor of The SMU Campus, I interviewed Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Stewart, and other celebrities who came to town. And, even though I panned Margaret Truman’s recital, I escaped a vitriolic letter from President Truman, who was prone to send them to more influential music critics.