A memory submitted by Eugene N. Robinson, Class of 1960

I was a freshman at SMU in 1956. I happened to catch Dr. Harold Jeskey for the basic chemistry course for science majors. At that time, the Chemistry Dept. required their professors to rotate out of the basic 8 hour course every 3 years. Later, in the summer of 1958, I had 2 summer sessions of organic chemistry under Dr. Jeskey. This was daylight to dark chemistry with him, including the labs. He was a wonderful man, a great teacher and influenced my life positively in many ways. Around 1975, I was in Dallas and decided to go see him. I walked into Fondren Science, and he was coming down the hall toward his office. He called me by my full name, and I had not seen him in about 15 years. He remembered everything about my time with him. I feel really blessed to have known him and to be able to honor him with a donation to the Chemistry Dept. each year.