A memory submitted by Craig Conaster

I would say Bonnie Wheeler was #1 for me. She taught my Core Class freshman year and various English/Lit classes and also headed up my summer at Oxford. She is brilliant, fun and really inspired me to push myself and learn more. Honorable Mention would be Chris Stoehr (Creative Writing) and Vickie Hill (Women’s Studies/Literature). Chris was inspirational to me to pursue writing. She was critical and complimentary at the same time. A professor that encouraged you but gave actual constructive criticism in a positive manner. We kept in tough for years after graduation Vickie Hill and I were complete opposites. I was a politically conservative, preppy WASP guy and she was an ardent liberal feminist. But she taught to love debate and that people could disagree with a sense of humor and mutual respect. I tried to take at least one of her classes every year. Fun reminiscing.