A memory submitted by Buddy Miller

My favorite professor at SMU, Perkins School of Theology, was Dr. Albert Outler. He was a brilliant and humble man with a Georgia background and accent. Dr. Outler was a member of the Faith and Order Board of the World Council of Churches and the official observer of the Methodist Church at the Second Vatican Council. A student pastor invited Dr. Outler to preach at his student appointment in the Tyler District of the Texas Annual Conference. Dr. Outler accepted the invitation and seemingly enjoyed preaching in the small, rural, East Texas Church. He preached a powerful sermon and at the conclusion of the service he was standing alongside the host student pastor greeting parishioners as they departed. One East Texas farmer, dressed in overalls, shook Dr. Outler’s hand and said, “Man, you don’t need to waste your time teaching in that school–you can preach.” Dr. Outler laughed and thanked the man for being in church to hear a visiting preacher.