A memory submitted by Bob Norman

My favorite prof was Dr. Cheatum, biology. Knew him the rest of his life. In fact I took him to the cancer clinic in Houston, his last trip. His favorite trick in freshman boys was to let them call him “old man” and mark down those names (mostly of football players). After all, we were only 18, he was up in years — 50, or 55. Then, he would tell those particular boys they were going on a specimen hunt. Where you used to find all the shark teeth between Dallas and Fort Worth. Nothing out there but rock and a few trees. Bring your hiking shoes and a canteen of water. Ten miles into nowhere and ten miles back. On a weekend. He would walk them into the ground, and on Monday morning they would address him as Dr. Cheatum. In the early sixties, I studied for the conservation and appraisal field. All I do is restoration of paintings and antique appraisal. My clients tell me I don’t dare retire and I have no intention of doing so.