A memory submitted by Catherine Pruett

John Edwards Price changed my life forever as a pianist, a musician and a person. Back in the day when teachers still smoked in their studios and the music teachers were true to themselves and their music, this gentle man opened up the world of the inner workings of piano music. My favorite stories of all time revolve around the zany antics of the unbelievably talented music gods of SMU in 1982-84 including Louise Bianchi, David Karp, Alfred Mouledous (sic) et all. I acquired 4 college over the years including one from Alaska, and by far and away, the teachers at SMU were undeniably genius. As a D.C. music teacher now, I can only pray that the good young students of SMU have been blessed with the talent and personalities that graced the music building in the god quad. Thanks for my trip down memory lane.

Yours, still broke but happy,