A memory submitted by James Cave, Class of 1995

While I liked all of my professors, My favorite was C. Clifton Black (now at Princeton), professor of New Testament.  Through him I came to love the study of the Gospel of Mark, so much so that I took another class in the Gospel of Mark.  Clifton encouraged me to do the class in Greek so I translated most of the Greek text of Mark.  Clifton has a passion for teaching, and relates well to students.  I recall that when I came back for the graduation of a friend, Clifton reached down & squeezed my shoulder as he & the faculty passed by in procession to their seats.  I always enjoyed our brief visits when I attended Minister’s Week.  Two and a half years ago, Clifton was the guest speaker at a two-day retreat of the Gospel of Mark.  He and I had a chance to sit and talk, as well as reminisce, for over two hours that first night.  We’ve maintained irregular contact and I hear from him occasionally.