A memory submitted by Gerry Brewer Hudnall, Class of 1971

Dr. Ruth Morgan was my favorite instructor. She taught a course on the American Presidency. Every class was filled with memorable information that pertained to the political system and history. I was amazed at how prophetic she was and that so much of the information I learned is still pertinent. For example, she predicted that a Mormon would never be elected President — it sounded irrelevant at the time but so far, her statement has held out to be true and factual. (I became very skeptical when the Republican party nominated Mitt Romney even though I voted for him and believe he would have been a good president.) She also told us about the political structure and how the Mafia influences elections — I thought that was one of the most bizarre statements I had ever heard until I got more involved in politics and learned that the elections are often corrupt and influenced by corrupt people who have their own interest at heart — not the interest of the people. She made us aware of not believing everything we read but to do the research and think for ourselves — something that very few people do today. Dr. Morgan was professional in every way and I felt that that her course was one of the most valuable courses I ever took. Considering that most students today are influenced by liberal instructors who cannot be objective, I was privileged to have an instructor that backed her information with facts — not opinions.