A memory submitted by James Henry Stroman, Class of 1949

My favorite professor at SMU was Dr. Virginia Baker Long.  I took a Business English class from her.  She said to me “Why don’t you become a secretary? The Ford Motor Company now has more male secretaries than female secretaries for one reason.  They learn quickly how to become executives.” I often thought “Doesn’t Ford have any female executives?”  Anyway, Professor Long kept encouraging me to write a secretarial manual since there was not a very good one available.  I now have such a manual, in it’s Fifth Edition, and is now the largest selling such manual in the USA.  I give her all the credit. Her classroom was in the basement of old Fondren Library.  I was back home not long ago.  It has really changed.  Nothing familiar in that basement.  I was private secretary to founder/owner of The Dallas Cowboys for many years.  Our offices were in the Cowboys Building now directly across the freeway from the Bush Library.  I wish Clint had lived to see it. My favorite president was not the present one.  He’s OK but nothing like Umphrey Lee. They threw the famous mold away when they made Dr. Lee.