A memory submitted by Suzanna Penn, Class of 1975

Without a doubt my favorite SMU professor is Mary Vernon. I took two or three semesters of her Art History classes in ’73-’75 time span. I was not an art major, nevertheless, not only did I gain a deep appreciation for fine aft, I also learned so much about design, and color, and how artists hold the viewers eye in the picture. This enlightenment fed my career in overseeing the production and design of several vertical market magazines and a newspaper. This is not meant as a critique of the magazine design classes I took in pursuit of the journalism degree, but learning the roots of design through fine art and the superb impartation of this knowledge by Mary Vernon, was like three semesters of master classes in “page design” and compelling reader interest. The insights I gained from Mary Vernon’s courses have permeated and enhanced my life culturally, also. I wrote to her in the mid-nineties to thank her for her superb teaching, and received a lovely note in return.

Because of the quality of the educators at SMU, I could list many more “favorites”:

Dr. John Welsh and Jerry White at the Caruth Institute of Owner Managed Business, whose classroom lectures and advice enabled me to understand management of the small enterprise, or a large department within a corporation — all of which proved valuable to my professional growth. Their lecture that a business failure or two is part of earning an MBA by experience, was a good preparation for the business world. The two most important qualities that stayed with me is Dr. Welsh’s lectures on “love” and caring for the employees, and the customers, and Jerry’s thorough impartation of managing cash flow as a key factor in small business success.

Barbara Colegrove, my faculty advisor in the journalism department. . . many evenings at the dining table in her home as her paper grader. . . and her sage wisdom in reporting and the all important fact checking. . .

. . . and so on and on. . .

Thanks SMU for such excellent faculty!