A memory submitted by William Grumbles, Class of 1971

During my Sophomore and Junior years as a non-Business undergraduate, I would hear very good reports from my Business School peers about a professor they referred to as “Young Don” Jackson. Second semester of my Senior year I registered for Dr. Jackson’s Investments class as an elective. Dr. Jackson proved to be the most effective teacher, emphasis on teacher, during my tenure at SMU. He also had a profound effect on what was to become my career.

One of our assignments for the semester was to maintain a portfolio of stocks from the $10,000 “given” to us by Dr. Jackson. We were to follow the companies in the portfolio each day in the Wall Street Journal, and then report on them at semester’s end. One of the stocks that I bought for the portfolio was TelePrompTer Corp., the largest cable television company in the country at the time. This stock became the clear winner in my portfolio over those few months. After graduation that spring, I pursued employment at TelePrompTer, where I began a career in the cable television programming industry lasting 30 years. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Jackson.