A memory submitted by Thomas Neal Combs, Class of 1966, 1968

Professor Ballard

A wonderful history Professor who brought the Old South and Civil War to life. You felt yourself charging the ramparts at Vicksburg and the Hill at Gettysburg, but you also were exposed to the economic and social issues that led to the possible dismemberment of the US.

He could stand on a chair and act the part of a general leading his men, whether North or South, with hand upheld to brandish the saber.

He could also draw the picture of the misaligned values in the South when he told the story (apocryphal or not) of his Grandfather being sent to New Orleans from Mississippi with a slave to get and education. As he related, his Grandfather enjoyed the vice of drink in New Orleans while the slave sent to serve him sat through the classes and received an education that would permit the former slave to run the plantation after the war as the Grandfather was not equipped to do so.