A memory submitted by Tamara Pospicil Farrick, Class of 1980

My favorite class at SMU did not seem like an academic class at all. During Art History class with Mary Vernon, you sat back and were entertained. The class was held in a theatre holding about 150 students. The lights would dim and Mrs. Vernon would begin her slide show, anecdotes and literal “song and dance”. She stood all of about 5 foot tall with a head of curly hair and she would walk up and down the stage with pointer in hand tapping the screen to touch on important parts of each painting.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to view some of the Masterpieces introduced to me in Art History Class at SMU and I have not forgotten to look for the vanishing point perspective, to consider the hours that Michelangelo spent painting the Sistine Chapel and of course, how can you view Van Gogh without the knowledge of his struggle with mental illness?

I am always grateful to Mrs. Mary Vernon who was a great teacher who made history interesting but more importantly, she left me and others with a life-long appreciation of art.