A memory submitted by Stuart Van Auken, Class of 1962, 1966

Dr. Frank Millar hands down was the best professor that I experienced at SMU. I had Dr. Millar for Intro Marketing in a class of 90 students. One day I was walking across the campus and we passed one another. As we passed he said Hello Mr. Van Auken. You could have knocked me down. How could he possibly know me?

Dr. Millar was a brilliant instructor with a rigor unique to himself. On the first day of class he told us that we would have four quizzes with 15 questions on each. All of them true/false with each question counting two points for your T/F answer and the documentation of your answer through the use of a marketing theory or principle counted four points. Thus you can get all of the T/F correct and still fail the exam. He made us think in a way and challenged us like no other.