A memory submitted by Sara Hammond Hendrix, Class of 1975

Dr. Maurice Elton, French

I met Dr. Elton during my first days of orientation in 1971, probably due to my placing out of 12 hours of French at the college level. I enjoyed his courses as I progressed through my undergrad times. The BIG time came about 20 years later when I enrolled in SMU’s MLA program. I chose Contemporary France as my first course ‘back in college’, taught by Dr. Elton. His subject matter was so well-placed and relevant. When assigned a ‘research project’, I chose the Wine Industry of France. I got an ‘A’, but it also changed my life due to the research I did, and now I am a level 1 Sommelier on a passive basis, due to my passion for knowledge and moving forward with more education in that field. Thank you, Maurice!