A memory submitted by Samuel W. Hopkins, Jr., Class of 1963

Dr. Albert Outler was the foremost American historical theologian of his era when he was on the faculty of the Perkins School of Theology. His world standing was so great that the Catholic Vatican II conference asked him to be their consultant about the patristic fathers of the Christian Church.

In his seminars with students, he would ask us what had been our undergraduate major and then would ask us a question about our respective fields of study that we could not answer. His class lectures were so well attended that you had to arrive early to get a seat and everyone stayed past the end of the class if he had more to tell us.

In Greek mythology, the great hero Odysseus says at Troy that his obituary should say that he had lived in the time of Archilles and Hector. My claim to fame is that I was a student of Dr. Albert Outler.