A memory submitted by Richard Dalton, Class of 1966

Dr. Harold Jeskey changed the course of my life the fall of my junior year at SMU. I was pre-med and taking his organic chemistry class as well as playing an occasional game of handball with him. Each day in class he would start writing organic equations from left to right on the large chalk board and never stop until the bell rang. At the end of the semester, he called me aside and said, “Dalton, I will give you an honorary C in this class if you will drop being pre-med.” It was a great offer which I gratefully accepted. I became a Social Science major taking more psychology, religion, and philosophy including a ‘Philosophy of Religion’ class with visiting professor Fredrick Ferre. The Ferre class was held like a graduate seminar class and probably led to me getting to have dinner with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when he came to speak on campus plus getting me an invitation to join the bus trip to Selma/Montgomery when the world responded to the call for justice the spring of 1965. I became a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy when my draft board would not defer me for being accepted to Yale Divinity School. I refused orders to Viet Nam because they said I would have to carry a gun. Later, I became a minister with a non-denominational Christian church, finished another B.S.(74) along with a masters (77) and Ph.D. (80) in Health Education from the University of Missouri. I have been teaching Health and Wellness courses at Lincoln University of Missouri (our HBCU) for 29 years.