A memory submitted by Rev. Charles A. Cox, Class of 1996

I was a student at Perkins School of Theology. The good LORD got me through 81 hours of classes when I could not handle more than one class at non-theological university.

The atmosphere of Perkins was so very different from any other school of higher education. Three instructors helped make education more exciting than any previous courses.

I enjoyed Billy Abraham greatly. Nothing specific, but he and I seem to hit it off well and we were on the same page theologically.

I enjoyed Zan Holmes’ preaching classes and tried to tailor my preaching style after his. Of course I fell far short.

My advisor was John Holbrook and we had a great working relationship.

There were others but from this point in time, memory dims and though faces are etched upon my memory, names do not always come forth to define them.

I was one of the “night crawlers” who started out on the first series of night courses offered by Perkins. I was working a 45-hour work week and going to classes at night. The last semester I had to take a leave of absence from my good-paying job to take my internship and move on to a new vocation.