A memory submitted by Paul Parkey, Class of 1983

Favorite professors: Sam Zimmerman, Spanish Phonetics and Spanish Literature. Rama Ramachandran, Economics.

Zimmerman, learned linguist, loved alliteration illustrating flow of beautiful romance language if one were to be not only understood, but embraced. Zimmerman was teacher who made learning fun, who obviously loved his chosen field, and challenged students to be better. Zimmerman compelled a love of learning, and he was truly respected by anyone who was lucky enough to encounter one of his classes.

Ramachandran introduced me to tenets of market capitalism, and more importantly the teachings of the late Milton Friedman. Perhaps nobody better conveys the freedoms of market capitalism than Mr. Friedman, and Ramachandran, in his thick Indian accent, drilled these lessons into our naive little heads. Understanding very little of the concept at the time, I look back at Friedman’s book, Freedom to Choose, as a modern day masterpiece, and it was Ramachandran who not only introduced me to Friedman, Freedom to Choose, and his teachings, but allowed us to apply these teachings to everyday life and the pursuit of individual liberty. For that, I am forever grateful, and have continued to espouse these beliefs in both my family and business.