A memory submitted by Patricia Smith Beall, Class of 1956

I met Dr. Ken Caroll as a freshman and after my first class with him (required Old Testament) I took every class he offered and ended up 3 hours short of a double major in Religion. He was a friend to all of the students and I considered him my very good friend. We “coffeed” together most Tuesdays and Thursdays. He was a tremendous influence in my life as a student as well as on my maturing as a Christian and thinking on my own. He believed I was capable in my work and therefore I learned I could do much more than I ever believed. I have him to thank for many of my decisions in life and my growth as a person. What fun we all had in the old Student Union working crosswords and getting into very “deep discussions” about all side of life. He is still considered by many of us as our gateway to education! (I even have a daughter named Carol after him)