A memory submitted by Mike Holt, Class of 1972

Without a doubt the greatest teacher I have ever had the pleasure of sitting in their class was Lon Tinkle. I only wish I was able to tell him that today.

Prof. Tinkle maybe had 20 students signed up for his history class, but there would generally be 30-40 in attendance just to hear his stories. He spoke of history as if he were there, and knew those from our past on a personal basis. He would often move freely during the course of a lecture from English to French to Spanish, depending upon the character he was speaking. The wonderful thing was that it made no difference to the class. We were THERE with him in the moment.

I still have a test I took under him that I hold dearly. He was great friends with J. Frank Dobie from the University of Texas, and his book about him and 13 Days to Glory are of course classics. I can still see his white hair, mustache, and smiling face. He was a chip off the old block… a true American Original.