A memory submitted by Melinda Hipp, Class of 1989

As an Arts Administration member of Class IV, I had the distinct honor of spending one year with Lanham Deahl and one year with John Graham as our head faculty member in the ARAD program. While very different personalities and methodologies, Lanham brought a sense of the “old” and proven methods of symphony management with a million stories of his history and oodles of knowledge of dealing with musicians. His love for teaching us “young ‘uns” along with a touch of toughness and reality assisted all of us in growing in ways we did not realize until many years later. We will never forget our ongoing project with the arts of Elm Mott, the over the top book reports and time spent with his lovely wife, Anne.

When John came in it was like drawing a generational line plus plunging someone into a world of madness dealing with 10 mixed field arts administration students. While we all took it in stride, John was gracious in taking our concerns and suggestions to heart and taking the program to a different level. By the time we all took off on our internships, John became a great source of calmness while we were out making our way in the vast wide world of arts administration politics, corporate finagling and musician union negotiations. I was lucky enough to work again with John at the Florida Philharmonic when he became Executive Director there and get to see him in action. We were able to make a seamless transition due to the relationship we had experienced at SMU.

Thanks to both these great men for their love of the arts, their patience with a bundle of nervous nellies and for their generational experience and words of wisdom.