A memory submitted by Marylou Clark, Class of 1956

Because of J. Lon Tinkle, I majored in French. He was Book Editor of the Dallas Morning News, while serving as a French professor at SMU. His classes were primarily Comparative Literature. He compared Tolstoy with Flaubert. His lectures were exciting, stimulating and inspiring. I was completely dedicated to his classes. He knew Hemingway and J.B. Priestly, and brought literary figures to speak on campus.

Years later I did my M.A. in French at George Washington U. After studying Law there for 2 years while raising my two older kids, I called Professor Tinkle to ask him whether I should do a Ph.D. in French or go to art school. He counseled me to go to art school, so I completed 5 years at the School of the Museum of Art Boston. I have taught Art at Quincy College for 25 years, having followed the path Professor Tinkle suggested. All my life I have been an artist, but didn’t think to major in Art. I worked in NYC in advertising and many jobs, taught French in colleges with my M.A. from G.W., but after remarrying with 3 more kids I was able to study art seriously. I have shown work in local venues and have loved teaching Painting/Drawing to my students at Quincy College in Quincy Ma.

I thought I would be a lawyer, worked at Justice while at GW Law but I wasn’t good at the Law study. My son Josiah completed his JD at GW, passed Va./NY bars and is now a partner at his Wall St. firm, so he carried the torch. My only regret is that I stayed as an adjunct professor and at 80 this year have to contemplate financial issues. Otherwise the cultural enrichment brought into my life by Professor Tinkle has proved invaluable. My MA thesis was “the Literary Aesthetic of Jean Paul Sartre” with a dedication to Professor Tinkle.

Having started College as a freshman at Smith I transferred to SMU when my father (Adm. Jocoo Clark) went over as Cmdr. 7th Fleet in the Korean War and my Uncle Bill Clark in Houston decided they wanted me closer to them, so he organized the transfer. I became a TriDelt thanks to my Aunt and had some good times at SMU. I believe the change on my journey was primarily for me to meet Professor J. Lon Tinkle.