A memory submitted by Martha Gail Simpson Conner, Class of 1953

I transferred to SMU my sophomore year. Had a great and encouraging math professor at my 1st college. I had to decide whether or not to major in Math or go into fashion Design when I then transferred to SMU. I found calculus hard and was discouraged. Also found I could not draw human models well. Had to decide. Dr. Starr and also the Dr. Muson, head of the math department encouraged me “BIG TIME”. After that I loved math and made all A’s. I sandwiched in a permanent Texas Secondary certificate, finished in only 2 years, got married that summer, began teaching in Junior High that next fall. Have never ever regretted my decision. Went on to get my masters and have 5 children and I was married to SMU director of Admissions. Have taught here in Fairfax County and also became book keeper and directors of publications at the National Art Education Association. My hubby was Executive Director of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. I was directed by my professors into a very good life. I am very grateful to them. And to SMU.

It has been so long now, Not sure I could find any pictures. Could check 1953 yearbook. (runner-up beauty picture, tri delta, not much else).