A memory submitted by Mark Ussery, Class of 1960

Dr. Richards was one of my professors in Geology. It was a requirement to take a summer course and Dr. Richards agreed to teach the course. The plan was to travel to Nevada and study the mining operation at the Potosi Mine where Dr. Richards worked after his college days.

I remember as if it were yesterday. There were 7 of us and Dr. Richards and we entered the mine early in the morning. We descended at least 8 levels following the veins of silver that were mined many years ago. Late in the day, it was time for us to leave, so we started back tracking our route. After an hour or so we all came to the same conclusion, we were lost, with no food, little water and flashlights that were fading fast. All I could think about was seeing the headline in the Dallas paper “SMU geology professor and 7 SMU students lost somewhere in Nevada never to be found again.