A memory submitted by Mark Berry, Class of 1982, 1992

My favorite professor was Leo Puccaco. Leo basically changed my life by changing my major from CS to EE. Leo was charismatic. The sharpest dresser on campus. He always had his act together. He was a nut about Star Trek. He treated us more like friends than students. He put things plainly and told is like it was out there in the real world.

I remember a special project he had a few of us work on. There was a trade show in Dallas and he asked a few of us students to demo this circuit analysis software at the trade show. We spent all day working and afterwards Leo took us all to dinner. This was the first time I really felt like an adult and not just some college kid. Leo was also one of our sponsors when we started the student branch of IEEE while I was there.

Leo served SMU well for many years because my son Robert had the pleasure of having Leo as his undergraduate advisor when he attended SMU in 2005. Leo was his advisor for the first two years at SMU. I remember talking to Leo when my son attended SMU. He was the same great guy, impeccable dresser, no nonsense straight talker. Yes the hair and beard had gone gray, but his not on his charisma. It’s unfortunate that Leo is no longer at SMU. I still have one more child to go. Wish Leo was there to guide her steps.