A memory submitted by Kevin Hall, Class of 1973

It’s not even close. Dr. Don Jackson.

I was in an investment class as a senior in 1973. There were 16 of us in teams of 4. Three teams had $33,000 each to invest in the stock market. Very conservative investments. My group had $10,000. We could be much more aggressive. I think Dr. Jackson put up the 10K personally. We met only two times a month with Dr. J. However we were required to slip our trades and the justification for buying the stock under his door each week. This was REAL MONEY. Not the typical Monopoly money.

Each teams had three stock brokers that were former Dr. J’s students. We drove them crazy. Four guys who’s grades were totally dependent on ROI (Return on Investment). Only. We would get out of class and run for the nearest phone to see what Robin Teck, Mastek, or whatever we held in our portfolio was doing in the market. All four of us – five times a day. It was great!

We turned our $10,000 into $18,000 in six months. Dr. J recommended both companies… go figure. My thought… shoot, this making money is easy. Then I got out in the real world!

He is by far the most dynamic professor of all time. His class was in a very large room and was always ‘sold out’. I loved the guy, along with everyone else that met him.