A memory submitted by Kay Barber Dalton, Class of 1981

Dr. Charles Helfert!

Dr. Helfert’s entire semester of the drama class, Mirror of the Ages! Spring-’81

His smile, laugh, total encouragement and acceptance of any crazy idea we came up with! An assignment to highlight our talent – I drew his character with a pen in my mouth on my hands and knees accompanied by Ravel’s Bolero. I think he kept it- ?

I did love Mary Vernon – no art intro class in the world could have been as captivating as hers! ’77-’78

De Forrest Judd was awesome too – navigated freshman girls through the initial process of live “male” models with tact, expertise and a little humor at times! ’77-’81

Larry Scholder – wonderful!! NYC art history inter-term! Dec/Jan. ’80-’81! The Nutcracker-Lincoln Center New Year’s Eve! He shared his favorite and BEST pizza place near MOMA!

Oh no – we can only have one?!