A memory submitted by John Falb, Class of 1967, 1969

Dr. David Ott, Professor of Economics

Sometime in the early 60’s, Dr. Johnston took over the Economics Department at SMU. His first achievement was to bring in a number of extremely gifted young professors (Dr. Lovejoy, Dr. Peterson, Dr. Ott, Dr. Farag, and others). David Ott taught several courses, including the first two introductory economics courses. He was a gifted and challenging teacher and married to Dr. Farag, an Egyptian women who actually smoked an old fashioned curved pipe as she taught. Together they were favorites of those of us that ended taking economics as a major. In truth, all these young professors were our favorites. They published, yet still made themselves available to their students and taught a full load of classes.

Dr. Ott and his wife left SMU shortly after my graduation. He became a member of Brookings and the President’s Economic Counsel. Unfortunately he passed away less than five years from his departure from SMU. Those of us at SMU at the time will always be grateful to Dr. Johnson (who also began the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking at SMU) that brought these young professors to SMU.