A memory submitted by Janet Dizinno, Class of 1978

While I don’t have one single favorite memory, I do have a favorite professor: Dr. Robert G. Folger.

I attended SMU’s master’s program in social and organizational psychology, and Rob, as his graduate students called him, was my professor for several courses. He was also my academic adviser and thesis director. He was enormously passionate about the science of organizations and human behavior, and his students could not help but dive into that fascinating area of study with enthusiasm. He helped us create research groups and lab teams outside of class. The master’s program took only two short years to complete, but in that time, my peers and I saw ourselves transformed from students to scholars. He had great confidence in each of us, and he found opportunities for us to present our research at national conferences and then turn those presentations into publications in top-tier journals. He wanted to ensure that each of us had the necessary tools to make wise professional choices for the chapters that followed our SMU experience.

So many of his former students are now influential social/organizational scholars in academia or practitioners in the business world. Although he is no longer at SMU, he continues to have a positive impact on the lives of students. Thank you, SMU and Dr. Rob Folger.