A memory submitted by Jancye Bryant, Class of 1973

Professor Curry was my advisor because I was interested in Math and thought I would become a Math teacher. He suggested I might enjoy taking Accounting as an elective course. I asked him what that was and he said it was like Bookkeeping. Being an uninformed kid, I asked what that was. Trusting his judgment, I signed up for Accounting. All of my friends thought I was crazy to take such a hard class when usually people took fun or easy courses for an elective.

I will always be thankful for his advice – Accounting was already a part of my nature and I just didn’t know it existed. I had been “keeping books” when I operated my homemade crocheted rings and necklaces business when I was 17. Professor Curry was my Intermediate Accounting Professor and I still remember how he was so dramatic explaining what a “Suspense” account was that I thought he was teasing and I missed that question on the test. He was a great and interesting teacher.

Today I have my own Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation Business which I have operated for 31 years out of my home (while I raised my 4 children) and I owe it all to Professor Curry.