A memory submitted by James (Jimmy) Rogers, Jr., Class of 1956

Insurance Professor Frank Young. During the 58 years since my graduation, Frank Young has continuously communicated with his graduates. To this day, I receive many e-mails from Frank, as do many others. Throughout the years when I have visited Frank, he pulls out an old, tiny black booklet, and shows me every grade I made on every single test I took.

During every conversation, he also can tell you where your classmates are, and how they are during. These actions have continued since 1956, and have meant a lot to me.

Also, Frank was one of the toughest and most demanding Professors I ever had. He demanded dedicated efforts from students, and for those that did not do so, Frank was not shy about pointing that out to you. He demanded your best efforts. I have always been so grateful to him for what he taught me, not only about Insurance, but about proper conduct, ambitions, goals, and how to measure results. I will always be grateful to him. I learned not only the insurance business, but what goals are important in life.

Frank was, and is the greatest.