A memory submitted by Don Averitt, Class of 1959

My favorite professor was Roland Porth. He taught several accounting courses but the ones I really liked was the Income tax courses. I originally intended to major in finance and after one class in accounting I found it difficult but one of the accounting professors counseled me to give it more of a chance and reminded me that many of the corporations are headed by accountants and all of them require several officers to be accounting experts. After that I switched majors and became an accounting major.

I took the first income tax course with Prof. Porth and found him most entertaining when making an important point so you really learned more readily what could be a most demanding course. After the first tax course, I signed up for an additional course in tax under Prof. Porth. This course was primarily teaching the difference in the 39 IRC and the 54 IRC which meant that the old tax law was being replaced by the new tax law and when we graduated we would be the “new experts” in the radically revised law. The changes really affected the taxation of oil and gas.

When I went to my first job at a public accounting firm, I was the local expert in oil and gas taxation. This meant that I was the star of the junior accountants and most often the accountant that the treasurer wanted to visit with.

Long story short, I excelled in public accounting and moved into private accounting at a very high position. Today, I am a partner in an oil and gas investment company that is directly attributable to Prof. Roland Porth. May he rest in peace.