A memory submitted by Buddy Ozanne, Class of 1970

Marshall Terry was a fabulous Creative Writing professor. Periodically, he would hold sessions at his home on Lovers Lane, usually to have completed stories read aloud by student authors in the class. One evening at one such session, Tom Harlen happened to bring a laughing box (a recording of a male voice laughing hysterically contained in a box with an on/off switch) with him. During the reading of a young lady’s short story.. a story which contained the phrase, “I was alarmed..” in multiple sentences, somehow, Tom’s laughing box got activated. The switch was flipped immediately following one of the overly used applications of the above mentioned phrase. Following that, no one in the room, including professor Terry could stop laughing.

Marshall Terry loved writing, and he loved teaching students to write. He was very patient with those of us who weren’t good at it, and he encouraged all of us as though we might find inspiration and talent.