A memory submitted by Bob King, Class of 1983

Dr. Franklin Balch was not only a brilliant professor who challenged my thinking and taught me how to write at the university level — he also cared deeply about his students as people. He was my academic advisor and, coincidentally, the faculty advisor to my fraternity. As a result I got to know him on a personal level. In addition to his amazing intellect, he also had a great sense of humor. He truly enjoyed both the seriousness and the silliness of college life, and he participated in both. He had no use for pomposity, either from “know-it-all” students or from University administrators (no names will be divulged here), and he was outspoken in pointing out hypocrisy.

To me he started off as “Dr. Balch” but by the time I had graduated, he had become “Frank”. When I heard he had passed away back in 2002, I was deeply saddened, but few lived a life as significant to others as did Frank Balch. He was loved by a lot of students. Thanks for the opportunity to write a few words about him.