A memory submitted by Bob Emrich, Class of 1970

John Stieber, Professor of Economic Policy, Ph.D.

I had the pleasure of taking a graduate level course in econ that John was teaching at the Cox School of Business. This wasn’t my first economics class, but it was far and away my most enjoyable. Somehow, Jack was able to make us all laugh — every day — even though we all know how dry and boring an econ class can be. Jack’s secret was telling stories we could all relate to, which helped us better understand things like supply and demand and how they relate to everyday business decision making. We talked about real life current events and why certain things made more sense than others, wage and price administration, and justifying the highest paid CEO’s salaries.

I remember all this stuff, and that was 44 years ago! There was more class participation in that course than any other I can remember. Why? Because we all enjoyed that unique learning experience that Professor Stieber created in his magical classes.