A memory submitted by Bernette Austin, Class of 1972

Louise Mueller and Lloyd Pfautsch from the SMU School of Music are two of my best SMU memories.

To say that Dr. Mueller’s music theory class was “lively” is an understatement. Her mischievous sense of humor and special talent for “fronting us out” when we each made mistakes while attempting to sight read music aloud caused us to fear her yet enjoy the fun, since we were all equal targets of her humor. Occasionally she played her cello for us, and it was beautiful. Dr. Mueller was one tough lady, but I loved her because she was fair to everyone. And, as one of the first and few minorities in SMU at the time, her fairness meant a lot to me.

Dr. Lloyd Pfautsch was my choir director. He had a big, gregarious personality and was just a lovely, likeable, as well as supremely gifted, gentleman. When he laughed, it was in a mellow baritone that came from a place deep within his belly and from his heart. And, what beautiful choir music he composed! One of my favorite of his compositions was the then choir theme song, “Clap Your Hands, Clap Your Hands All Ye People.” Those were wonderful days!