A memory submitted by Ansel Jarratt Major, Class of 1958

Dr. Schubert Ogden – Systematic theology Dr. Albert C. Outler – Historical Theology

We were very privileged to have these two teachers at the School of Theology at the same time for several years. They certainly influenced my life and set me on the road to a life of study and learning. I talked to Dr. Ogden a few years back, thanking him of what he did for a generation of students, most of whom were headed for ministry in the United Church. I told him that what ever he did, actually TOOK. They both were tough, hard nosed, but also very personable and approachable.

I visited with Dr. Ogden several times after graduation and on each occasion he shared several books for me to read, and to my credit I bought and read them. I returned to the school of Theology 15 or so years and attended one of Dr. Ogden’s classes, which was a most delightful experience. Thanks for the opportunity to share my appreciation for these most outstanding teachers.