NetScaler Integrated Caching behavior after 9.3 -> 10.1 upgrade

After a recent NetScaler upgrade from 9.3 to 10.1, we noticed a change in the behavior of the Integrated Caching feature.  Integrated Caching had been enabled for the previous two years, but with the Memory Usage Limit set to zero, caching had been effectively disabled.  After the upgrade, our PeopleSoft application began displaying incorrect content after users logged in.

We were able to tell that Integrated Caching was delivering cached content by visiting Optimization / Integrated Caching / Content Groups and seeing both “non-304 Hits” and “304 Hits” for the DEFAULT Content Group, along with a non-zero value under Memory Usage.


Since we run in HA mode, we could consult our not-yet-upgraded, 9.3 NetScaler node.  Visiting Integrated Caching / Content Groups / DEFAULT revealed the expected values of zero for Memory Usage, Non-304 Hits, and 304 Hits.



Our solution was to disable Integrated Caching in System / Settings / Configure Basic Features as it wasn’t needed.  As soon as we did this, the undesired content stopped displaying within our PeopleSoft application.


By Robert Blissitt


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