Look for orphaned Active Directory home directories

This PowerShell script will iterate through all home directory folders in our Windows file share server and search Active Directory for a homeDirectory path value that ends with that folder name (it actually looks for *\<folderName> so it will only return exact matches).

The script has to be run from a location that has network access and read permissions on the physical volume on the file share server, and also requires the Active Directory PowerShell module to be loaded.

$strHomeServer = "\\server"
$strUsersPath =  "\l$\users\"
$arrDirectories = Get-ChildItem $strHomeServer$strUsersPath | where {$_.attributes -match "directory"}
Write-Host "Number of home directories: $arrDirectories.count" | Out-File C:\scripts\homeDirAudit.txt -Append
$arrDirectories | %{
$objDirectory = $_
# \5c is the LDAP escape sequence for the \ character
this info from help about_ActiveDirectory_Filter
$searchString = "*\5c" + $_
$objUser = (Get-ADUser -Filter {homeDirectory -like $searchString} -Properties homeDirectory)
if (-not $objUser) { "$objDirectory not found!" }
else { $objUser | select @{n='Folder Name';e={$objDirectory}}, name, homeDirectory }
} | Out-File C:\scripts\homeDirAudit.txt -Append

By Tommy Doan


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