Research Assistants

Sarah Khoja (Class of 2025)

Sarah is a freshman from Carrollton, Texas double-majoring in Human Rights and Data Science on the Pre-Law track. As a research assistant for the Voices of SMU project, Sarah hopes to connect with SMU alumni from underrepresented groups and learn more about the student experience on and off-campus. Sarah is specifically interested in the Asian American Pacific Islander alumni stories and hopes to expand the university’s resources for the AAPI student community. Sarah is also the Human Development Chair for the Indian Student Association and on the marketing committee for The Big Event. Sarah loves to bake, spend time with her dog Simba, and explore coffee shops around Dallas in her free time.

Sabrina Simien (Class of 2024)

Sabrina is a Sophomore from Southern California majoring in Biology with a minor in English. As an undergraduate research assistant for the Voices of SMU project, Sabrina plans to conduct interviews with SMU alumni from minority groups to share their university experiences with the world and other students. Sabrina is specifically interested in hearing and sharing the experiences of African American alumni who attended the SMU campus. As a transfer student to SMU, Sabrina plans to join other research projects on campus and has been offered membership to the National Society of Leadership and Success. Sabrina works in a Texas public library as a library services representative. Sabrina also enjoys swimming, reading, creative writing, drawing, and learning about forgotten members of history.

Ruchi Ranganathan (Class of 2023)

Ruchi is a Statistical Science major with a History minor on the Pre-Law track. As an undergraduate research assistant, Ruchi strives to showcase the value of representing minority experiences, especially at a PWI, where these stories and experiences are historically underrepresented. She aims to demonstrate the importance of diversity in our understanding of history by documenting underrepresented alumni voices in the SMU archives. Ruchi serves as the logistics chair for Asian Council and the Statistical Science representative for the Dedman College Student Advisory Board. She enjoys running, knitting, reading, and learning languages in her free time.

Princess Igwe-Icho (Class of 2025)

Princess is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas, originally from Nigeria, Africa, quadruple-majoring in Human Rights, Philosophy, Political Science, and Corporate Communication & Public Policy with a triple minor on the Pre-Law track. As a research assistant for the Voices of SMU project, Princess hopes to gain insight from underrepresented groups and increase the voices of student experiences at SMU. She is specifically interested in the Black/African American community as well as first-generation alum stories and hopes to create change through these narratives in the form of institutional change or additional funding. Princess is also an Outreach Chair for First-Generation Association (FGA) and a First-Year Recruitment Director for the Human Rights Council (HRC). In her spare time, Princess loves reading banned books, chatting with SMU students about improvements to the SMU campus, and spending time with her family/friends.