Hillcrest Houses Resident Assistants

Moore Hall Resident Assistants:

Ground and 1st Floor:

Moore Resident Assistant

Mason Steeger; Moore Resident Assistant     Room: Moore G11 Email: msteeger@smu.edu

Mason is a senior and third year RA pursuing a degree in Music Education with a focus in Percussion. He spends most of his time in Meadows either in the atrium or in the percussion studio practicing. Other than that, he enjoys playing video games, watching TV, and going out to eat with friends or family. Mason is most excited to be a part of a new community and get a different experience out of his final year at school!

2nd Floor:

Moore Resident Assistant

Alexis Forte; Moore Resident Assistant     Room: Moore 210 Email: aforte@smu.edu

Alexis is a sassy lady who makes sure that she and everyone around her has fun. She will be a senior getting her degree in Environmental Engineering. She comes from Austin, TX where her parents, younger brother, and adorable pug, Maximus, live. She is also a Lyle Scholar and Ambassador. In her spare time she enjoys watching Netflix, cooking, and spending time with friends.

3rd Floor:

Moore Resident Assistant

Caroline Parker; Moore Resident Assistant         Room: Moore 310 Email: clparker@smu.ed

My name is Caroline Parker, but everyone just calls me Parker! I’m a sophomore majoring in business management with minors in fashion media and economics. I love listening to people’s stories and am always down to sing some high school musical with the windows down.


Hawk Hall Resident Assistant:

Hawk Resident Assistant

Clay Miller;                            Hawk Resident Assistant Room: Hawk 105             Email: claym@smu.edu

My name is Clay Miller and I am currently a graduate student pursuing my Master’s in Engineering Management. I graduated from SMU this past Spring with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. I want to work as an Engineering Consultant here in Dallas. I love baseball, cars and modern art.

Martin Hall Resident Assistant:

Martin Resident Assistant

Sally Kim; Martin Resident Assistant   Room: Martin 112 Email: sjkim@smu.edu

Sally is an incoming senior studying studio arts at SMU. She experiments with ceramics, photography, sculpture and design. Koalas, chocolate, leather bags and coffee are a few of Sally’s favorite things. 

Smith Hall Resident Assistant:

Smith Resident Assistant

Marissa Jennings;               Smith Resident Assistant    Room: Smith 312                Email: mjennings@smu.edu

Marissa is a senior and graduates in May 2017. She is a first year RA and excited to work with the upper class division. She is a psychology major with a minor in advertising.